Bridget Moser

Memory Foam (2015)

Video shot on location at MSVU Art Gallery.

Video created for Bridget Moser: Is this thing on? - visit the exhibition page here

Curated by Stefan Hancherow
Videography by Tim Tracey
Sound recorded by Daniel O'Neill
Produced with the support of the Toronto Arts Council and MSVU Art Gallery

Selected objects include numerous iterations of memory foam body pillows, ergonomic yoga ball office chair, zero gravity chair, seasonal affective disorder salt lamps, and "Dentist at Work in Dental Room" vinyl wall mural. All objects purchased on Amazon.

More information about the exhibition:
- solo exhibition on Canadian Art's list of 15 exhibitions to see in 2015
- on the cover of Visual Arts News, Fall 2015 issue
- Laura Kenins on "Bridget Moser's worker persona" in The Coast
- an interview with David Dahms for Visual Arts News
- exhibition catalogue available here
- named one of Canada's most air conditioned exhibitions in the summer of 2015 by The National Post