Bridget Moser

How Does It Feel (2016)

Video originally exhibited at Galleria Artericambi, Verona, as part of Bridget Moser: Reference Materials.

"The video, entirely shot in a hotel room, marks the first attempt of the artist at staging a series of wordless actions, deadpan gags suspended somewhere between Samuel Beckett and slapstick comedy." - Simone Menegoi

"Amid the sterile and ubiquitous neutral tones of a generic hotel room, we see artist Bridget Moser splayed on the floor, dressed entirely in cobalt blue. She cycles through a series of activities alone in the hotel room: the bluish glow of a lightbox illuminates her face as she contemplates the lively snowboarders it depicts; she slowly crawls out from under the covers, lying on the floor as though defeated; she gazes absently at Toronto's CN tower, as (in stroke of poignant timing) it turns blue; and pulling out the hideaway bed is an unprecedented struggle. Throughout, her impassive eyes ask: tell me, how should I feel?" - Natasha Chaykowski

Inside you'll hear a sigh
Natasha Chaykowski

In the morning waking up, it usually feels strange to be aliveβ€”that murky inbetweeness where the timbre of dreams is fading fast and the reality of the day begins to creep into the fissures of consciousness. In the winter, we stage this existential feat in the morning darkness. Put pants onto legs, cold from being extracted from beneath the covers or reluctantly untangled from someone else's. Press pot. To-do list. Out of toothpaste. Things slowly come into focus and their weight can be felt behind the lids of eyes closed. "You should take vitamin D," they say. Is it a platitude? I drink it in oil form but nothing much seems to change. Legs perform their duty and walk. Meetings. Bad lunch. Emails to answer. Sometimes they're nice though. There's a filter on the window, meant to protect us from the harsh afternoon sunlight. But all it seems to do is make the room unnecessarily blue. Mirrored by the cool glow of our screens. Every so often a glimmer of something magic though. I guess it's the colour of dreams, a spark in the long blue daze.

Natasha Chaykowski is Curatorial Research Practicum at Walter Phillips Gallery.
Inside you’ll hear a sighΒ is a text written in response toΒ How Does it Feel